“When things are bad is when people take up a course”, Of course there is no iota of lie in this statement made by Ifeoma Fafunwa; a renowned and foremost playwright who is also an activist. But how will people know what is good from what is bad if they are not in any way aware or informed ? Aware of their past and present and also intentional about their future. People can only take up a course when they have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they will no longer conform to the misery that they used to live in. This is why the Awani film –an insightful documentary is a must watch for everyone , most importantly the girl child and women at large. It is not enough however to just watch , be informed and then fold arms ,it is important to reflect and then take actions.

Awani is a thought provoking documentary that aims to supply the answer to the question ,how did we get there? It sheds light on the importance and relevance of Nigerian women starting from the pre-colonial era until the present day. It shows the audience how colonialism has shaped political and social attitudes towards women and by so doing advocates for gender equality. Women all over the world especially in Nigeria need to be heard and seen. They need to be more involved in the activities and events happening in their environment. This is why it is important to sensitize and educate , not just our women but the entire masses that it is erroneously believed that women were locked up and were given a static place in the kitchen making it seem like they were not involved in the helm of the nation’s affairs .Women had rights and prominent roles , they teamed up , spoke up when they wanted their grievances to be heard. We saw the likes of Funmilayo Ransome- Kuti among other prominent and notable women taking charge of meaningful protest and revolts because they would not swallow their grievances . They had organized systems that existed in villages throughout Africa where they exercised their power and leadership roles in making decisions for the community . They had rights and were very significant ,so if anything, we all have to ask ourselves what went wrong and proffer solutions.

In the same vein, the whole nation has to come to the realization that placing women in places where they will be seen and heard will only help develop the nation and excluding them is detrimental to proper and effective growth. Young people should be able to ask hard questions and the institutions available need to function. “Don’t take what is given to you” should be a watchword moving forward .Also speak up when the need arises. It is also very important to feed our minds with relevant information and attach a lot of importance to history .

Finally, I have realized that to move forward we have to stop giving unnecessary terms to crucial matters that will stir another course , gender equality is only fair and the proper thing to exercise. Looking at it from a sinister perceptive will only make matters worse. Let us all wake up and sit up.


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